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So you know I scored that job a month and a bit ago, right? I pretty much hate it.

I thought it would take me some time to adjust and everything, and I'm an optimist at heart, but I really don't like this job. There are several reasons for this, of which I shall list below:

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So it's only a part time, three nights a week at most deal, but I got a job! Yay, sweet money!

It's basically waitressing at this fairly posh pub-that-is-pretty-much-a-restaurant in my town, doing the usual stuff only the dishes are stuff like venison meatballs, rabbit and pheasant. O.o

Though I must admit, my boss seems pretty nice and I didn't have a single horrible customer on my (nerve-wracking) first night, which was also a trial to see if I'd get the job. I did feel a little teary-eyed when I made mistakes, but I am very self-critical at times.

I may have to get a day job, however, just to make more money, and also to rid myself of the creeping boredom coming from suddenly not being at uni this year and running out of things to do. It's not procrastination if there's no work to be done! Although I am going to be applying for PhDs soon, so that'll be something exciting to procrastinate from! XD

At least with this it means I don't have to stress as much about finding a job, and I can concentrate more on making myself sound good enough to get a PhD (ah, why do I have so little research experience?), and I can also start saving up to go back to the USA (finally!) which was my real reason for looking for a job for this year in the first place.

Yay! Employment! It's been a while, so it's nice to get back into the bustle of work. :D
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OMG OMG I get back from a wonderful three week internet-free holiday in the sun, all depressed, only to find out that GOHOU DRUG IS BEING CONTINUED!!!

You have no idea how much of a happy dance I am doing right now.

Before I even watched the anime of Tsubasa (because I thankfully watched it first and then discovered the far superior manga), it was my absolute favourite of favourites among manga. When I first bought the volumes (on 3 for 2 at Waterstones, when I went and picked up some random volumes of stuff to broaden my manga horizons), I had no idea that it was discontinued (hell, I barely even knew who CLAMP were at the time). So you can imagine my immense disappointment when, upon reaching the conclusion of vol 3, I discovered that there was no more! Imagine, if you will, how sad I was that there was no more teasing of poor innocent Kaza-chan, no more angry spazzy outbursts from said kitty, and no more thinly veiled shounen-ai undertones (and overt ones from our lovely store owner and his sunglasses-mystery-man). It was actually the fandom that got me into fanfics, seeing as how I devoured a great majority of them to fill the vast hole left by the discontinuation! But I still had that vague hope that one day it might come back. However, as time passed, and I came to know the amazing quartet known as CLAMP, my hopes faded with every new series they started that wasn't GD. I felt much the same after reaching the 'end' of X, but at least I was prepared for that one to be unfinished.

But I digress. Finding out that I get to read about my favourite drug store lackeys and maybe uncover some of those mysteries that were hinted at in the first three volumes fills me with immense joy. It has literally made my year. And I graduated with a good degree earlier on. XD

Three cheers for CLAMP!
And three cheers for [livejournal.com profile] chibiyuuto for keeping us updated with all things CLAMP!


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