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Title: Curiosity Killed the Freeloader
Rating: T
Warnings: Pretty spoiler free since the manga is early days plot-wise, mild hinting at stuff from vol 2.
Chikahito gains a little too much information about his new housemates, and in the process learns something about the consequences of loitering outside other people's bedrooms...

De-anoned from [community profile] clampkink.
Thanks go to [personal profile] uakari for helping polish it up here and there until it was shinier than the version on the meme. :)


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Title: Pawn
Rating: T
Warnings: Spoilers up to the Celes arc!
Summary: Stuck in Yama with plenty of time to brood over his role in the journey, Fai decides to test our favourite ninja's boundaries.

Always it began with those words, echoing out of the distant past, a mantra that ceased to disappear... )

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Title: Intoxication
Rating: T
Warnings: Spoilers for Fai's past.
Summary: Written for the remix challenge over on the [community profile] kurofai comm. My assigned author was [personal profile] uakari and the fic I chose to remix was the brilliant Toasty. The original concept was that it was Kurogane getting drunk instead of Fai, and it was set in Outo, so I took that and somehow this came out. I hope you enjoy it!

And thanks also to [personal profile] mikkeneko for starting this wonderful remix idea!

The noises that could be heard from the outside suggested they were entertaining a group of rowdy felines... )

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Because the weather is so crappy here right now (winter is coming lololol), I decided to use as many bright colours as possible and draw Chii for one of my friend's birthdays. Enjoy the imaginary sunshine!

Chiiiiiii... )
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This is it, the last little segment of this staggeringly long fic! I never imagined it would turn out this long, I just started out writing and ended up with nearly 20,000 words (*le gasp*)- that's very nearly three times the length of my previous fic. Don't think I'll be doing this again for a while, but it was great fun to write! Hope you've enjoyed it! :D

Chapter 6 is over here!

You gave me a piece of advice, so it's only fair I return the favour... )

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So, so proud of this one- my first proper background! *tries not to bend paper whilst hugging it* I've been wanting to draw a coloured Kurofai pic for a while now, and I LOVE their Infinity outfits (and the accompanying angst), so here we are! I think I enjoyed drawing the blood just a little too much...

SOOO much black... )


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