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I've been working on this one for a few days now, and I'm finally happy enough to post! It's all cold and ick right now, but there's still no snow for Christmas! I want snow, dammit! (But only for like a day because after that it becomes ice and then I fall on my ass too many times for my liking)

So yeah, have a wintry anime girl for almost-Christmas! Happy holidays!

I really want some earmuffs now... )
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So my little bro's bday was last Friday, and since he was turning (anything but sweet) 16, I decided to sneakily ask him what his fave animu character was, and make him a card. (Also I finally learned how to embed dA pics to save time! *huzzah*)

Have some Alucard-card! :D

Probably the most terrifying birthday card ever... )
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So I've been thinking about it for a little while, but I think (despite trying to save up for a USA holiday) that I want to use some of my xmas money to buy myself a graphics tablet. I love my marker pens, but I want to have a stab at drawing and painting digitally (it would make my problem of going outside the lines so much easier to fix).

So are there any tablets (or brands) that you can recommend?
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Because the weather is so crappy here right now (winter is coming lololol), I decided to use as many bright colours as possible and draw Chii for one of my friend's birthdays. Enjoy the imaginary sunshine!

Chiiiiiii... )
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So, so proud of this one- my first proper background! *tries not to bend paper whilst hugging it* I've been wanting to draw a coloured Kurofai pic for a while now, and I LOVE their Infinity outfits (and the accompanying angst), so here we are! I think I enjoyed drawing the blood just a little too much...

SOOO much black... )
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I'm on a roll this week with drawing! Well, I lie, only one of these was really done this week. I just had to wait for the lovely mailman to deliver my new marker pens so I could acquire a purple for Alice's eyes!
So yeah, without further ado, one I've been sitting on for a little while- Pandora Heart's Alice (for Ani, who really wanted to see it):

Also, since I was in such a good drawing mood, I decided to colour a sketch of Yuuko I did yesterday, with the same shiny new purple!
Here we go:

My god, the foot facing away took me a WHOLE HOUR to get right before inking! I'm getting better at appendages slowly, so this was good practice! I'm still not entirely happy with it, but it's only a small thing, so meh! Really, really enjoyed colouring this, despite having to be extra careful not to go over the lines!
Eventually I will practice backgrounds, but for now this is the best I can do!

I think I've exhausted my drawing mood now for a while, so I'll hopefully have some fic posted soon!
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Since I haven't really posted anything, I thought I'd upload this bit of art I finished the other day! It's a piece I'm immensely proud of, since I finally got round to drawing a kimono without screwing it up too badly. There's still a few hiccups with how the fabric hangs and stuff, but I'm so happy about the way the pattern turned out that I don't mind! It's not based on any anime character, by the way. I just started drawing and this lady came out!

So yeah, I'm pretty happy right now, especially since I want to try my hand at drawing xxxHolic's Yuuko in something original! Art was done in Letraset Promarkers, in case you were wondering. :D


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